Airglide partnered with the Yakovlevs

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  • March 07, 2016
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Yakovlev team

We are now partnered with the Yakovlevs display team, the UK’s premier aerobatic display team.

IMG_0260Airglide surface protectant is the world leading nano surface protectant for both aviation and road vehicles.
Our unique formula has been developed in the UK and tested to the highest standards in the aviation industry. We have been accredited by Airbus, Boeing, Citation to name a few, and we are fully certified within the aviation sector as an aircraft cleaner and also as a nano surface protectant.

We are have tested the product with CSM laboratories in Switzerland and achieved world leading results that our competitors cannot match.

We are not a ‘posh polish’ or wax, our product is a short chain cross polymer link acrylic coating. Not only is it extremely robust but with our corrosion inhibitors and UV protectant, we take coatings for aircraft and vehicles to the next level.

The technology is only 2 years old, rather than the 15 year old technology still used by competitors.

Visit to see more about their aerobatic display team


Airglide partnered with the Yakovlev display team

We are proud to be at the forefront of nano surface protectants, and are proud to be partnered with the Yakovlev display team.

Our vehicle protectant is also available which is the a basic version of the aviation product with less corrosion inhibitors and extreme temperature resistant particles but still the very best on the market that you can buy.
Our protectant prevents bug build up on primary areas, and any bugs that adhere can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, leading edges that are painted or bare metal are protected. Our product will not only enhance your livery, bringing it back to new condition, but it will increase paint life by at least 50%.

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It will protect against corrosion on exposed rivet heads, when applied to canopies will give a crystal clear swirl free finish, water will bead and be repelled instantly. Props can be protected by applying product by hand, and will not cause strobing.


Please contact us or the Yakovlevs team if you require any more information, or would like us to apply to your aircraft or vehicle or just buy our product direct.


- Zanet