Fast Car Magazine reviews Airglide

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  • March 13, 2017
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Great to see Airglide get a positive review on page 40 of issue #380 of the Fast Car Magazine Fast Car Magazine reviews various products  and recently looked at how Airglide is keeping cars cleaner than other competitors products....

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Wind Turbine trial

wind turbine airglide application with bottle

UK onshore wind turbine trials underway Our initial results extremely encouraging… will update More to be announced shortly Take a look at the application of Airglide:

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Spectacular results

Airglide received this recent email from John Fisher regarding the recent use of Airglide Aviation on these C42s. As with all our clients he recognises that the results are well worth the effort. He tells Airglide : This shows three...

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Amazing new website

  We are pleased to put our new web site live. We all hope at Airglide International, that the new design will be informative to all our new visitors.

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Lorum ipsum news quote from clientLorum ipsum news quote from clientLorum ipsum news quote from client

Freddy Laker (aircraft)

“Airglide – it’s not a treatment. It’s a transformation” Philip Peel May 2013

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