Royal Aero Club Air Race

Bob Air race

A bit like Lewis Hamilton, Bob Ellis’ Championship retention battle finally kicked off last week as seen from the Basingstoke Gazette.

Bob Ellis

The SBAC Challenge Cup goes back to 1927. Bob says, “it is a great honour to be part of that history”

Royal Aero Club Air Race Popham Airfield, Hampshire

Airglide air race

On 21st June Bob Ellis wins Gower Cup at Llanbedr’s first air race!
Bob Ellis was the winner in his Van’s RV8 at Llanbedr.

Bob then came second in Air Race Championship at Lisbon – check out the timings for his qualifying and the race!

Bob Air race

Here is Bob’s video link to his match qualifying. It doesn’t look fast but that’s 190 mph at 100 feet.

Hope to be racing in Europe in 2017.

- Zanet