Airglide Aircraft Valeting Company provides UK coverage for applying our unique surface protectant system to all types of aircraft including:

  • Executive jets
  • Private aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Gliders
  • Paragliders

Our application team are available to cover all UK locations and airfields and if necessary internationally subject to agreement.

Products and services

AGI has a unique and bespoke range of products and services underpinned by proven technologies for the aviation sector that focus on protecting and enhancing the external appearance of aircraft; cutting fuel costs; cutting operating costs and cutting emissions.

Features and benefits

  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Rain repellant
  • Canopy cleaner and protector
  • Easy removal of bugs, dirt and oil
  • Rejuvenates and then protects paintwork colours
  • Reduces cleaning time and costs
  • Improves fuel performance
  • Pre storage coating protection
  • Easy to apply…easier to maintain

We are also able to provide internal cleaning and surface protection as well as external and a touchless disinfectant solution particularly useful for executive jets.

Approved by Boeing and Airbus


How does our surface protection coating system work?

Our simple two-step process is easy to apply and maintain. The system contains ultra-small, durable particles that penetrate the ‘pores’ of a treated surface with a very thin, robust and durable surface sealing film, flattening the morphology and creating an incredibly smooth finish at the molecular level.


Step 1

  • Deep cleans the surface with a dry wash product
  • Removes all dirt, grime, dead paint cells, oil and other deposits from within the pores of the surface
  • Creates a robust but flexible protective shield
  • Negatively charges the surface

Step 2

  • Fills in the pores to fully protect the surface underneath
  • Positively charges the surface
  • Creates a robust micron thick barrier as the particles cross polymer link
  • Creates a smooth finish at molecular level
nano technology explained

Hawker 400Approvals and certifications

Airglide has invested considerable resources obtaining the necessary approvals and certifications for use in the commercial aviation sector. This product has now been adapted for valeting use.

It has been approved for use by Boeing and Airbus aircraft as a:

  • Protective Surface Coating
  • Wax
  • Polish and polishing compound
  • General and external cleaner

With approvals from the following bodies:

  • AMS 1650c approved
  • CSM Instruments tested and certified
    • Tribometer compliance
    • Nano scratch test compliance
  • SMI approved:
    • Sandwich Corrosion Test (ASTM–F–1100)
    • Total Immersion Test (ASTM–F–483)
    • Hydrogen Embrittlement Test (ASTM–F–519)
    • Paint Softening Test compliance
    • Acrylic Crazing Test (ASTM-F-484)
    • Polycarbonate Crazing Test (ASTM-F-484)
    • ISO 1518 Scratch Test